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Upgrading Gear

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 Reformation is on the agenda.

Where From Here?

So your paperdoll is full...but are you done? Absolutely not! A number of your equips can be replaced to find an optimal setup. You can also learn spells that will help you get the monsters' attention, as well as stronger healing spells. 

The Swamp near the Estaq Stronghold is going to be an important part of this next chapter of your Endless-Online life. Deep in this swamp you will find the mobs that drop crafting ingredients to make stronger gloves, as well as the entrance to the cave to Anundo, the home of a powerful Skill Master and the Ninja Leader.

Crafting New Gloves!

     Our goal in this next part is to get the material required to upgrade our gloves. Both of the stronger options, Iron Gloves and Death Gloves, can be crafted at the Witch in Aeven. Although the Death Gloves require more of the materials, THEY HAVE THE SAME STAT BUFFS! Iron Gloves and Death Gloves are identical in buffs. Both pairs of gloves offer the same +1 Armor, +1 Evade.

     To craft the Iron Gloves, it requires: 3 Mummy Bandages, 2 Wingo Claws, and 100 Gold.

     To craft the Death Gloves it requires: 4 Mummy Bandages, 5 Wingo Claws, and 200 Gold.


     Mummy Bandages are dropped by Mummies and Wingo Claws are dropped by, you guess it, Wingos. To find each of the mobs, you must head to the Swamp. From the Witch, head "RIGHT" to Malone Outlet. Head "RIGHT" again until you get to the Blob and Fox map, and then head "RIGHT" two more maps until you're on the Mole farm map. Go "RIGHT" until the road forks and follow it "UP." In this map, follow the road passed the boulder on the path to the middle of the map, then go "RIGHT." When the road forks, "DOWN" goes to Estaq Stronghold, "UP" goes to the Swamp. We want the Swamp.

     When you enter the swamp, go immediately "RIGHT" to the next map. Go straight "RIGHT" across this map to the next map. This next map should have the entrance to the Mummy Tomb in the middle. This is a two story Tomb that spawns the incredibly squishy Mummies responsible for dropping the Bandages needed to craft new gloves. They also drop the world's worst assortment of weapons. Stick around here until you get your desired number of Mummy Bandages. The Wingos are on the very next map, so you don't have far to go after this. 

     When you've gotten your Bandages, leave the Tomb and go "RIGHT" one more map to enter the Field of Death, also known as the Home of the Wingos. Near the entrance to this rather vacant map is the entrance to the Puppet Dungeon. At this point I'm not sure if there's a reason to go in here. Also on this map is the extremely useful Haunted House. The Haunted House is one of the best training ground on Endless-Online. With multiple different floors, you can easily raise the difficulty without travelling far at all.


     Also in this Haunted House are Banshees and the LOCKED door to The Ancient Wraith. These areas shouldn't be worried about until later, and the Haunted House should probably be avoided entirely unless you are up for a challenge. The main reason we came here is to slaughter the residing Wingos and harvest their bloodied toes. They also drop Orbs of Light which aren't entirely garbage, and if you have room you should probably take these. You either need 2 Wingo Claws or 5, depending on the Gloves you chose to craft. 


Destruction Spells!


       Unless you use a bow, Destruction Spells are the only way to hit monsters at range. Chasing mobs can be irritating, and it gets old fast. Luckily, Small Fire and Small Thunder are rather easy to obtain, even without wasting any stat points. 

      To learn a Destruction Spell, you must be a Magician. When you become a Mage, you get a +2 INT buff. To learn Small Thunder, the easier of the two, it requires 4 INT and 2 WIS. Small Fire requires 4 STR, 2 INT, and 2 WIS. Each of these spells also costs 500 Gold. Sorcery Armor offers the necessary skill point buffs (+3 INT, +3 WIS, plus the Skull Belt +1 INT,+1 WIS and +2 INT from Mage Class) for you to learn Small Thunder without taking Skill Points from AGI. You also must travel to the faraway Village of Anundo! 

      The Cave leading to Anundo is found in the same Swamp that leads to the Mummy Tomb and Field of Wingos. From the entrance to the swamp, head "LEFT" until you run into the train tracks about halfway up the map. Follow these tracks "UP" until you find the mouth of the cave. The Guard outside the cave also has a quest or two. This cave is home to the Undeaths, which are ghostly ghouls that drop Dark Rags, one of the ingredients to make the famous Ultima! Although mythical in tales, the Ultima has been surpassed by the Saw Sword in terms of affordability. It probably isn't worth it to try for these drops.

      This maze-type formation is comprised of two floors. On the first floor is the entrances to Atlantis, The Reaper, and the Second Floor. Atlantis is immediately to the "LEFT" upon entering, as soon as you can turn. The Reaper is all the way "UP" and then to the "LEFT." We aren't going either of these ways. We want to go to the Second Floor. The entrance to the Second Floor is more on the "UPPER-RIGHT" side of the map.

     Once you find your way to the Second Floor.... (TO BE CONTINUED! I FORGOT THE EXACTS!! After this point, you have to make your way through the second floor of the cave and then through the mysterious Carnivo forest.)

Crafting New Arrows!

     Stronger arrows are one of the easiest ways to add to your max damage. Aside from Normal Arrows, there are currently two other types of arrows in Endless-Online, Frost Arrows and Fire Arrows. Similar to Iron Gloves and Death Gloves, Frosts and Fires have identical stats. Again, FROST ARROWS AND FIRE ARROWS BOTH ADD 4 ACCURACY AND 2-6 DAMAGE!! They require different materials, but add the same stats.

To craft Fire Arrows, it requires: 6 Drag Wings, 6 Drag Claws, 10 Normal Arrows, and 250 Gold!

To craft Frost Arrows, it requires: 42 Ice Cubes, 32 Ice Gems, and 10 Normal Arrows!


     Because of the difficulty of Dragons, it is much easier for newer players to gather the materials needed to make Frost Arrows. Both Fire Arrows and Frost Arrows can be crafted in the same building that Normal Arrows are bought from, the shop in the back of Hallowdale. Ice Gems and Ice Cubes, the main ingredients for Frosties, are both found in the Ice Caves on top of Ice Mountain. Each item is dropped by Ice Crystals and Ice Giants, respectively. The path to Ice Mountain can be found from Aeven. From the center of Aeven, go "UP" towards the Wise Man's Temple, but turn "RIGHT" before you enter that map. Follow the path "RIGHT" and then go "UP" when you near the portal.

     You should now be at the base of Ice Mountain. Next to the nearby stairs is a sign to confirm. Take these stairs up the mountain and then maneuver around to the next set. Once on top, find your way to the next map. When on this next map, go "UP" along the path, and then follow the path "RIGHT" to the next map. Upon entering this next map you should see the mouth of the Ice Caves. Go in this entrance.

     This cave you have now entered is home to monsters responsible for dropping the materials necessary for crafting some of the best arrows available, as well as dropping some of the main materials needed to the strongest sword in the game, the Twin Blades. Because of the static respawn times, it's rather easy to find a rotation for this cave that allows you to effectively time each Giant. The spawns aren't too terrible, and the walking around and decent experience points make it bearable.

     If you are fortunate enough to get the caves to yourself, it shouldn't take you too long at all to get the Cubes necessary to make your Frost Arrows. Luckily the Ice Gems don't have any weight and only take up one spot in your inventory. Cubes and Gems are also one of the daily Baru Flock quests, so gathering extras is never a bad idea. Once you have the 42 Ice Cubes, 32 Ice Gems and 10 Normal Arrows that you need, return to the Arrow Vendor in the back of Hallowdale to craft your new Frost Arrows!