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Different Beginnings of Endless Online

Welcome to Endless Online

A Helpful Guide from DankEO

Gain Control!

       First thing's first, get familiar with the controls. The Controls Page linked above features a couple pictures that basically cover everything you need to know, at least to get started. Once you have read over the necessary controls, you are ready to dive in. Grab that orc skin and Super Saiyan hair and get to swingin'!

Tutorial Island!

       You've been born! Welcome to the world of Endless-Online! The main goal on Newbland is to get strong enough to venture across the Vulture Sea and gain access to Mainland and the City of Aeven. Fresh out the e-womb, first thing you gotta do is get some clothes on that naked body. Clothing boosts defense and evasion, and without that, you're soft. Grab the Peasant Suit from the spawn chest or run outside and find one dropped from a nearby goat. Next thing is to check out the community's NPCs for some quests to get you armed and experienced.

       There are numerous quests that you can do to jump-start the leveling process on Newbland. Right out of the spawn hut you are introduced to a herd of pigs and a couple of NPCs, including The Adventurer and The Collector. The NPCs around Newbland have a few mundane quests, including killing a certain number of specific mobs and/or collecting a certain number of mob-specific drops. Once you're clothed, you should head out and acquire the surrounding quests. If you need help with any of these quests, please refer to the Quests Page above or under the Tutorials tab in the Navigation Menu!

       When you level up, you are rewarded stat points. These stat points are to be allocated to your primary stats depending on your class. On Newbland, there is no way to change your class. This means that there is no way to choose a primary attack stat. Because of this, it's best to use the stats in the CON stat to effectively raise your HP. Once you reach mainland, you will be able to reset your stats for free at the Aeven Skill Master and redistribute stats according to your preferred class.

       There's a small shop on Newbland just "UP" from the well. In this shop you'll find a couple more NPCs that offer weapons to craft or buy, and buy-able potions and clothing.  Your next objective should be getting a dagger, which is easily crafted using 2 Goat Horns or bought for 25 Gold in this building, Cyndi's Item Shop. Also in this building is the Funky Hair NPC who offers a quest that rewards Gold and EXP.


       After you've obtained clothing and a weapon, you'll want to complete the surrounding quests and train a bit to reach Level 4, which is what is deemed “necessary” by the Boatman. Because of a coding error, this isn’t actually required, but let’s pretend it is. There are a total of 8 quests on Newbland, only one of which is repeatable. I personally suggest staying here and completing everything. You won't be able to come back to this island, and completing all of the available content will just give you that much more of a head start. After completing as much of the island as you’d like, take that leap of faith and board the ship. You’re headed for Mainland!

Let's Set Sail!


      After the incredibly short boat ride across the pond, you’re here! You’re in Mainland! Your first objective here will be to find your way into the City of Aeven, which is basically straight “UP” a couple maps from the boat’s landing. Quick tip: the first map “UP” from the boat, with the long house to the left and the well outside...check the well for a health potion. This potion will also respawn periodically.

      This map is also coincidentally the new map you will now return to if you so happen to die. No loss of stats, gold or items, which might be obvious by now. You are just inconveniently relocated to this map, which can be changed by adjusting your citizenship. Click the Citizenship Page above to find the appropriate NPCs to do this and their respective answers.

       If you trained to the "required" Level 4 before sailing or are just feeling strong, you can continue into the house by the well and help Old Farmer Jorge with his rat infestation, although this maybe a bit tough for anyone inexperienced. If you are still looking to train, it’s better to continue upward and help Old Farmer Jerzy instead. This quest offers quite a bit less EXP but is repeatable and the snakes it requires you to kill have valuable drops as well as decent EXP rates early on. Just “Up” from Farmer Jerzy, in the same map, is the Aeven Captain who will offer you quite a bit of EXP to retrieve the boots a sheep has eaten. 

       There are a few more quests in the neighboring wooded maps that could also net you a bit more experience but like I said, it's typically best to stick by Farmer Jerzy slaying Snakes until you feel confident enough to continue. Snake drops are sell-able just ahead and can also be turned in for decent bonuses from daily quests. I think if you've gotten to Level 6 and gotten yourself a peasant suit and dagger, snake teeth and rattles, and maybe saved up a little bit of gold, than I think you might just be ready to go "UP" one more map and hit the BIG CITY, the City of Aeven!


City of Aeven!

       WELCOME! To the land of opportunity! Sort of... 

Taking that first step into the City of Aeven opens a lot of doors in Endless Online, and these doors can lead you to being a much better form of your current self. 

       Immediately to your right as you enter Aeven is Steve, the NPC responsible for the DAILY Snake Rattles quests. You should have enough rattles stocked up to turn this in already. If not, no worries. Continue onward "UP" through the city, passed the Church near the center of town, and "UP" into the center warp. Continue forward down the stairs into the temple. In this temple you will find the Wise Man, who is capable of assigning you a class. Archers have the best DPS until extreme levels and offer the most convenience when switching between sword and bow. Archer is the best choice, with AGI being the primary stat. 

       Following your adventure to the Wise Man, it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you join the guild. You can submit a Contact Request using the link in the navigation bar or you can look for an online recruiter that maybe able to assist you. There are many perks and advantages to joining the guild and absolutely nothing to lose!

       You're now able to gather the rest of your gear from across the lands, craft a plethora of different equipment from a multitude of different vendors, buy low and sell high on the Panddda market, and band together with your fellow players to take down the most wicked opponents! From this point forward, the reigns are in your hands, with only a few friendly suggestions as to what you should do next! Good luck!

                                                                                                        -Guild Admins

Need more help?


       Still a bit unfamiliar with the world of Endless Online and the most efficient way to get your paperdoll fully equipped? Fear not, as we are here to help. Below is going to be a loose guide and some suggestions on what you should do next after choosing a class. Nothing in this guide has any prerequisites that you should be aware of unless mentioned, as long as you have taken the boat to mainland and chosen a class at the Wise Man. This is going to be a guide composed of only items obtainable through mob drops or shopkeepers, not from fellow players. Although it may be quicker to find the items on the Panddda or player market, some things aren't always available and it's also convenient to know where to get the equipment yourself.

Collecting Equipment

       The second part of this tutorial is going to focus on restructuring your character for your chosen class and filling/replacing item slots on your character's paperdoll. After speaking with the Wise Man, the next step will be resetting your character at the Skill Master in Aeven. The Skill Master is located just "DOWN" from the Aeven Guild House, in the first house from the left side of Aeven. You can click on the Aeven Map to expand it for better visibility. When you go into the Skill Master, select the available option "Forget all." This will reset your stats. This time put each and every point into AGI.

       After you have reset your class, I suggest roaming around Aeven and collecting the available quests. Most are easily completed without leaving the city and offer some decent bonus experience. After you've quenched that thirst, proceed to the Witch's Hut on the "RIGHT" side of Aeven just before the portal to Malone Outlet. Here is the place that you will sell most of your mob drops. There are also a few useful pieces of craftable equipment here to keep in mind for later. After the Witch, the next move is determined by your current available Gold. If you have over 1100 Gold, I highly suggest heading to the Aeven Jeweler and purchasing a Skull Belt and then returning to the Skill Master and learning the spell Heal Self, which the Skull Belt will allow you to learn without spending additional stats. This is the ability to heal yourself on command. It is the weakest, yet most efficient healing spell, in regards to MP for HP. The ability to heal is priceless out in the field. If you haven't gotten enough money so far, just go back to Farmer Jerzy and keep doing the snake quest until you do.
       After learning Heal Self, it's my suggestion to head towards the City of Centaur. City of Centaur is home of, you guessed it, Centaurs. These monsters are known for dropping Leather Gloves as well as Leather Bracers. The quickest way to Centaur without a scroll is to walk "RIGHT" out of Aeven, and "RIGHT" once again off of this map. The map you should be on now is the spawn point of the Blobs as well as the occasional Fox. If you would like, you can farm these Foxes for rings. Rings are precious equipment that add valuable HP. Gold are the best, with Silver coming in second. There is a better map to farm Rings so this can be skipped if you would like. On the map with the foxes, there is also an NPC with a daily quest for Fox Furs. This quest offers a generous amount of experience in exchange for Fox Furs.

       From the map with the Blobs and Foxes, continue "UP" two more maps and you'll enter the City of Centaur. This is a fairly simple city with only one real purpose, Leather Bracers. Kill the surrounding Centaurs until you get 2 Leather Bracers and a pair of Leather Gloves. Be sure to scan with your cursor for drops hidden behind trees or buildings. These bracers can be somewhat elusive so be patient, they will come. When you finally get the drops, we are going to continue back to the map with the Blobs and Foxes.

       When you return to this map, continue "RIGHT" and then "RIGHT" again. You will now be in the Goat/Mole farm map. On this map is a backdoor to the castle that I'm not sure many know about. In this backdoor are chests that spawn a variety of useful charms. To find this portal, when you reach the second map "RIGHT" of the Blobs and Fox map, walk "DOWN" until you find the river. Cross the river using the rocks, and then walk back "LEFT" along the river. Maneuver around the barrels and into the "LEFT" edge of the map along the river. This room will reset your position if you step on the wrong square. Find your way through the snaked hallway and you will eventually find your way behind the counter in the castle. In these nearby chests you may find a Charm! If you didn't find a charm, or weren't happy with the one you found, you can come back here later or just hang around for a chance to get more.

       To leave this room, follow the "LEFT" wall until you find the hidden portal. This will take you into the Castle corridor near the Arena. Continue "RIGHT" off this map to enter the main room in the castle. In this room is the Castle Gardener, who offers you a quest to eliminate the invading hedgehogs for a nice experience reward. For lower level characters, this can be one of the best spots to train. It's got a low mortality rate as well as a high Experience/hour once you get it figured out. Next leave the Castle using the portal "DOWN" from the main Castle room. Now, you should be in the Castle Garden. Continue "DOWN" again to leave this garden. From this map, head "LEFT" into the next map, down the crooked path and then "LEFT" again into the next map. Going "LEFT" once more, you should find your way into Skyland Wonder. Skyland is home to the densest fox spawn, and is the best place to get rings. Stay here long enough to get 2 Gold Rings, as well as an inventory full of mob drops.

       At this point, it's probably necessary to take a trip to Aeven to sell some mob drops. Take your time and head to the Witch's Hut as well as the Jeweler to sell any extra items and equipment. Your goal at this point is to make about 1,500 Gold. Once you've done that, you can buy the Emerald Necklace from the Aeven Jeweler. After that, take your remaining Gold to Hallowdale. I will give directions from Skyland to save time. Leave Skyland and continue "RIGHT" passed the beach and into the map with the crooked path. Take this path "UP." This map should be populated by Goats. Continue "LEFT" and you should enter the somewhat abandoned City of Hallowdale.  

       Because of the layout of this map, directions can be confusing. From from the portal, head "LEFT." The first building that you approach from the rear is the Hallowdale Guild House. Just "LEFT" across the path from the Guild House is the Hallowdale Grocery. It is here that you will be able to purchase extremely discounted Gold Elf Bracelets. After purchasing and equipping two bracelets, continue all the way "LEFT" to the edge of the map. Then, head "DOWN" until you come to a building. To be honest, I am not sure how many houses you may come in contact with along this path, but it is in one of these houses that the NPC who sells Arrows resides. From him, purchase and equip a set of Normal Arrows. 

After equipping your Normal Arrows, you should have successfully completed your paperdoll. Having said that, you are far from done! Some of the pieces of equipment that you have probably chosen to use up until this point might be less than adequate. Some of the smaller accessories on your paperdoll only have a few options that should be considered and some may only have an option or two to pick from. If you have collected all of the above equipment, than you should be in pretty good shape!