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Meta Gaming

Below are some common builds for Endless-Online end-game content. While there are some alternative pieces to some of the slots, these are generally the agreed upon builds and their respective equipment. If an item isn't listed, it's probably universal across all classes, or your available options don't have much of an impact on the final character stats. Rings, Gloves, Bracelets, Bracers and Boots are basically the same throughout. Any other unlisted items can be switched out for something else if it accommodates your specific build. Keep in mind, however, these builds are relatively polished, and if your build suggests differently without evidence, it might be worth questioning. If you believe something in this guide is inaccurate, please submit a ticket on the Contact Page, and I will review the suggestion and surely incorporate it if it's accurate. 

If you haven't played Endless-Online since the good-ole-days, you might be used to going full STR as a Warrior. This generally isn't the best way to build your character anymore. The consensus seem to be that Archer Class with Pure AGI is the meta, along with the equipment to the left and listed below:

Helm of Darkness: 1-2 Damage, 2 Hit, 1 STR

          (Dragon Skull if you can afford it, not Cursed)

Oron: 2-3 Damage, 3 Defense, 7 Hit, 2 Evade, 

               20HP, 3 STR, 5 AGI

Scav Bow: 2-2 Damage, 2 Hit

Frost/Fire Arrows: 2-6 Damage, 4 Hit

War Charm: 0-1 Damage

The above equipment will give you arguably the best stats and usability as an Archer. With the recent release of v29, Oron could be replaced by Dragon Plate, but because of the current price and availability of Dragon Plate, I left it out of the line up. Oron is relatively cheap and readily available.

Warriors, without a doubt, hit harder than Archers. And they can carry more items due to their high STR stat. The tradeoff, however, is that when fighting stronger monsters, Warriors miss much more often than they hit. This makes their DPS drop significantly. Because of the low evasion of Warriors, they also get hit much more frequently and end up taking more damage than an Archer in the same situation. Because AGI is the Archer's governing stat for damage, accuracy and evasion, as you increase your damage, your evasion and accuracy also rise. This means that Archers almost never miss and, because of the high evasion, they almost never get hit. Because Archers never miss, this raises their DPS dramatically, and makes Pure AGI Archer Class the best choice.

If you are interested in training at higher level monsters, it's almost essential that you build an alternate Tank character on a seperate log-in to help draw the attention of the mobs and allow you to kill them with your main Archer Class. The equipment in the nearby picture and listed below is necessary for a tank:

Eloff Helm: 2 Defense

Hero Plate: 7 Defense, 2 Evade, 30HP, 3 CON

Ablo Staff: 2-4 Damage, 2 Hit, 30TP, 3 CON

Chalybs Shield: 2 Defense, 2 CON

Leather Belt: 1 Evade, 10HP, 2 AGI, 2 CON

Guardian Charm: 1 Defense

Rogues use the CON stat to raise their Defense as well as their HP. When used with the above listed equipment, Tanks are almost indestructible. Its common practice to use Multi-Client to position your tank in the line of fire of your Archer main. This will allow you to kill the monsters with your Archer while your Rogue "tanks" all the damage. With a Rogue Class, go Pure CON.

When it comes to a Tank character, nothing beats the Rogue Class. This type of character is commonly used at places like Apozen and Dragon Lair to allow players to easily target a monster's weak sides while also staying completely safe and away from danger. 

Players can also use this tactic at Haunted House's Cursed Masks and Banshees. Rogue's don't generally need to attack while training so they can be overloaded with potions. There are many places to use a Rogue Tank, and as said before, it becomes essential towards the progression of your main character at higher levels.  

Spells can be extremely helpful, but it can also be tough to decide between using your skill points for damage or towards learning new spells. Luckily, by using the Priest Class and equipment buffs in the game, you can learn up to Medium Heal and Group Heal without spending skill points, and you can learn Large Heal by spending only 1 point into Wisdom!

Hat of Wonders: 10TP, 2 WIS

Bazar Staff: 2-2 Damage, 10HP, 100TP, 2 INT, 6 WIS

Baru: 5 Def, 1 Evade, 20HP, +5 ALL STATS

Quaria Shield: 2 Defense, 1 INT, 1 WIS

Skull Belt: 1 INT, 1 WIS

The thing about the Priest Class is, it's temporary. This class is only used temporarily while you are learning all the spells. As said before, you don't need to use any stat points while you are learning spells unless you want to learn Large Heal. In that case, you should put 1 point into Wisdom and the rest of your points into your original primary Class stat.

The idea with the Priest Meta is that you will use this class and equipment to learn all of the healing spells, and then immediately change back to your desired class, whether that be an attacking Warrior or Archer, or a tanking Rogue. If you planned from the beginning, this won't require anything extra except for changing your class, equipping the items, and making the trips to the Spell Masters. If you HADN'T planned ahead, this might require a reset, and you will lose any spells you have already learned. Not exactly expensive, but it should be mentioned. If you don't care about Large Heal, or your current stats permit it anyway, you won't require a reset. You will also have the necessary stats to (re)learn Destruction Spells, like Small Fire and Small Thunder, but you will have to change to Magician class, so unfortunately you won't be able to learn everything in one trip.