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Pre-Installed Intro: 
The Pre-Installed option is basically the entire, already-installed game packaged up in a zipped folder. In order to play it, all you'd have to do is download it, open up the zipped folder, and then unzip or drag the "EndlessOnline" folder out to wherever you want. Then open that, and play "endless.exe".

Executable Setup Intro
The "executable setup" file is the setup file from the website. To use it, download it, open the zipped folder, and then drag out the setup file to wherever you want, and then run it. It will install Endless Online to whatever destination you select. Once that's done, go there, and play "endless.exe".

For More Experienced Users!

Sordie also offers a client add-on, of sorts, that helps further sort out compatibility issues and helps to incorporate tweaks to the Endless-Online client that make the entire experience more enjoyable. In order to get these add-ons, you'll have to redownload the client from her personal website!