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Pre-Installed Intro: 
The Pre-Installed option is basically the entire, already-installed game packaged up in a zipped folder. In order to play it, all you'd have to do is download it, open up the zipped folder, and then unzip or drag the "EndlessOnline" folder out to wherever you want. Then open that, and play "endless.exe".

The reason I recommend this one is because I have gone ahead and pre-setup some things for you, such as deleting the eirc.exe file and selecting "GAME.EOSERV.NET" as the IP address in the econfig.exe.

With the executable setup file, you need to do those things yourself after it was installed. But, in case for whatever reason you still want to use that one instead...

Executable Setup Intro
The "executable setup" file is the setup file from the website. To use it, download it, open the zipped folder, and then drag out the setup file to wherever you want, and then run it. It will install Endless Online to whatever destination you select. Once that's done, go there, and play "endless.exe".

Configuring EO
Here's some things I recommend you go do before playing the game once it's downloaded...

1) If you see an "eirc.exe" file in the EndlessOnline folder, delete it. A lot of anti-malware programs pick this up as a Trojan. It's not, but it'll give you no use and be nothing but a nuisance. (I have already done this for you in the "Pre-Installed" file).

2) In order to actually connect to the EO server and play the game, you'll need to open "econfig.exe" and under the connection tab, change the "Server host/ip" to "GAME.EOSERV.NET". (Again, this is already accomplished in the pre-installed file).

3) Now that the important stuff's out of the way, there are other things you can change in the econfig.exe file, such as the curse filter, whether EO is to be played in full-screen or a window, so on and so forth. However, there is another way to change some of EO's settings that many do not know about; go into the EndlessOnline folder, open the "Config" folder, and then open the "setup.ini" file. With this, there will be a multitude of things you can change, such as either having or removing the start-up screen and changing the "soft press" password thing into a normal method of typing in your password... normally!

In order to skip the intro screen, simply scroll down to "Skipintro=off" and change "off" to "on". If you want to type your password in normally instead of doing that weird arrow-keys thing, scroll to "Skipsoftpad=off" and, again, change "off" to "on". Then save the file and you're all set!

The Game is Not Working, What Do I do?
If EO is stuck on a blank white screen when you open it up or something else weird is happening, here's some things you should try...

Go to the setup.ini file in the Config folder of EndlessOnline. Change "Skipintro=off" to "Skipintro=on". If you're still having problems, change the game to windowed mode (you can do this in both the setup.ini file and the econfig.exe). From there, I don't know how to help.

As far as I know, the game is not guaranteed to work, or work well, on Windows 8. Any Windows OS earlier than that should be good. Oh, the game doesn't work on Macs, either. If you use one, you could try getting a virtual OS to play it.        **Sourced from....