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Dankest Holiday Parties

Posted by Genetic on December 16, 2018 at 10:50 PM

        So... as you've probably seen around the site, the guild is hosting a couple different events. The first event, the only one we've for sure decided on, is Dankest Giveaway, which requires nothing but your attendance. Just be at the Christmas or New Years Parties and you will earn a randomized cash gift between 10 and 30k.

       Each of these parties is a two-part deal. The first part is the guild-only gift bag you receive upon entry at the church in Aeven. The second part is the parade through Aeven that we will take as a portion of the Dank Fortune falls through relatively large holes in our pockets for everyone to enjoy. There will be approximately 250k given out during the drop portion of this event, regardless of the initial turnout.

       There will be two of these parties, the Christmas Party and the New Years Party.

The Christmas Party will be hosted at the Aeven Church two days before Christmas on Sunday, 12/23/18 at approximately 11:30pm EST and run until midnight.

The New Years Party will also be at the Church and will be two days before New Years Day on Sunday, 12/30/18, also around 11:30pm EST, running until midnight. 

        It's obvious that this time may not work for everyone. Please comment on this post if it is impossible for you to make it to either of these parties and changes might be made if there are enough requests. These events are for the members so naturally I would like to accomidate as many as possible. Again, either comment on this post, message Genetic or Migganike in game, or use the Contact Page if you have any recommendations for changes to upcoming events. 

       I can't wait to see everyone there! Merry Christmas!


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