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PSA Numero Uno

Posted by Genetic on November 26, 2018 at 11:30 PM

Remember everyone:

For any guild, the true key to success is full participation from the members! In order for us to reach our extraordinary goal and claim the #1 spot on the EOServ Top Guild list, we need each and every member to register on this website and to try and make an attempt to be a part of our awesome events and giveaways. We'll do our best to keep the events coming and to schedule them in a way that works, hopefully, for everyone.

We as a guild have a few goals that we have to achieve:

Become recognized as a leading guild on Main Clone,

Spread our knowledge within Endless Online,

and Help expand the Endless Online Community. 

Again, for any of this to be possible, we need your help. Our mission statement is one that a lot of people can get behind; Upward mobility for everyone! We want nothing but positivity and prosperity for everyone in the guild, and non-members as well!

Check the guild's Events Page for ongoing and upcoming events! If it's still up, it's still happening! "Recruiter's Reward" and "Earn V.I.P." are easy ways to score A TON of guild recognition and shiny gold if you are in need or just looking for a little spare coinage. Remember to verify each recruitment on the website to receive payout and to be eligible for V.I.P. status in the guild!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for the guild or website or anything at all, please use the form on the Contact Page to submit them to us, or whisper Genetic or Migganike directly in game. Another high ranking member may be able to assist, but Mike or I can get it done for sure. We look forward to hearing from you and hosting more events to help that drip...drop.

Happy Goat Slaying,


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